This is the best hemp flower I have tried yet! A strong smell and a great taste – top notch!
Thomas Esper

They took great care when trimming their product, the buds look beautiful.
James Kern

Wow! A hemp grower that knows what they are doing! Great cure on this product, this stuff is gassy! Highly recommend!
Joey Disbrow

First time trying CBD flower and I LOVE IT. My body feels relaxed and aches and pains fade away. I can smoke this throughout the day for pain relief without getting high.
– Kim Esper

I’ve tried 3 different CBD flower brands and The Hemp Train’s “First Class Flower” is FAR superior. This product has a strong but pleasant smell and smokes like some good quality cannabis. Great product if you want some of the relaxing effects of smoking without being foggy headed like regular cannabis.
Dante Favot

I have used their trim to make my own CBD butter at home. I find it to be a really affordable alternative to buying CBD at a retail store. I buy direct from the farmer whenever I can for the cost savings.
Mary Ann Kalka

I absolutely LOVE this “Kaboose Kief”. I add a little of this to my bedtime bowl and it makes me sleep like a baby. It really adds a relaxing body high effect to my weed.
Taylor Foote