1 oz. Top Hat Trim


After drying the product we run it through a trimming machine. This machine separates the trimmed buds from the leafy material. The leaf material tends to smoke more harshly and has a lower concentration of cannabinoids. Although it is not great for smoking, this material still contains CBD which can be extracted with simple at home methods. Buying trim and making your own CBD extracts at home is by far the most economical way to add CBD into your lifestyle.

**Be wary of low priced CBD flower or CBD “cigarettes” for sale – Some producers sell their flower untrimmed or even use the trim to fill their cigarettes…**

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Sold in 1 oz. (28 grams)



Use Guide

We like to make CBD butter out of this material (which I put in my coffee), but there are other ways to extract the CBD content at home as well. A simple google search will yield all of the information you need to determine your favorite extraction method. To make a very high-quality, clear CBD butter, we recommend water curing your trim prior to making your butter at home. Water curing will make a superior butter by removing chlorophyll and other impurities from the trim that can affect its flavor and color. We encourage safe storage of any extracts that you make at home. They should be in a locked container or stored in a place where children cannot access them.

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Weight 30.4 g