Caboose Kief


The trimming machine that we use has a special micro-filtration process that separates all of the material that is trimmed off. One of the bags collects the larger particles of leaf trim while allowing tiny particles (trichomes) to flow into a second bag. This clean, golden colored kief is a very cannabinoid rich, high CBD substance. This product is over 23% CBD, but it remains in compliance because it is tested below the 0.3% Delta9-THC level.

Certificate of Analysis | Certificate of Analysis PSI



Use Guide

This is by far Kristina’s favorite product that we offer. We enjoy adding some of this kief on top of a bowl or adding it to some ground up buds before rolling it up. This adds a lot of CBD into your smoke while also enhancing a smooth and slow burn. Although this product can be used in a dab rig it will leave a residue after several uses. Some of our customers like heat pressing the kief into a rosin for better use in a dab rig.

Additional information

Weight 5 g