About Our Michigan Hemp Farm

The Hemp Train family farm grows high-quality, first-class, premium Michigan hemp flower — delivered directly from our farm to you.

The Hemp Train family (Danny, Kristina and Rex) take great pride in producing superior Hemp products without using any chemicals or pesticides in our farming practices. 

Our crops are grown in small farm plots to provide the Cannabis plant with the proper attention and care for successful growth. The crops are hand-harvested and gently dried on racks or hang dried to help preserve the cannabinoids.

During the drying process, buds are given enough time to properly cure and become more potent for an excellent flavor and smooth smoking experience.

Our Values

Integrity, Honesty and Fairness: We believe it is our duty to be straightforward and honest about the product we are offering and give our customers a fair price. 

Positive Engagement and Collaboration: Our customers and business partners deserve a positive and optimistic attitude and treatment. We understand that collaboration with our business affiliates and strong relationships with our customers is the bedrock of growth for our business.

Faith and Family: Our commitment to good character and honest work is derived from our faith and embodied in our best efforts to raise our children. We believe the family unit is the foundation of a moral and cooperative society. 

Our Mission

To introduce the cannabis plant and explore its wonderful qualities and uses. To be a leader in shaping the future identity and culture of the cannabis business to meet the demands of mainstream consumers.  

Meet Our Family

Danny grew up in South Lyon, Michigan, with a healthy and active lifestyle, competing in football, wrestling and lacrosse. After graduating from Walsh College in 2008, he worked in construction for over a decade. He was first introduced to the Cannabis industry while living in Oregon — where he cultivated a love for growing and working with Hemp. Danny enjoys the positive atmosphere and the good spirits in the cannabis community. 

Kristina was a competitive gymnast who grew up in Davison, Michigan. She later began coaching gymnastics until she got pregnant with Rex in 2018. She enjoys playing guitar, singing for their son Rex and practicing Aerial Yoga. Kristina loves to learn about the Cannabis plant and to share all of its amazing uses with The Hemp Train customers. She is a networking expert and a host of the Babes and Buds Podcast.

Rex, a ladies man, was born in late 2018 and strives to be the happiest baby ever. His favorite shows, books and toys revolve around the world of farming. As a member of The Hemp Train family, he looks up to his mom and dad to learn about the Cannabis plant and the many beneficial uses it has to offer. He answers to “Nug” and “Nuggy butt.”

For more information about quality Hemp products from The Hemp Train, please contact us here.